Shower doors are our passion

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WE DESIGN, FURNISH AND INSTALL FRAME LESS SHOWER DOORS.  Over 40 years of experience in the glass business, with thousands of perfect installations, and hundreds of recommendations by happy customers we strive to be your Best Choice. Serving San Diego County with one of the oldest glass Specialty License is a proof of our dedication to what we do. Frame-less shower doors, tub and shower enclosures, mirroring of bathrooms and  covering walls with custom fitted mirrors in living rooms and gyms. Glass furniture tops, dual glazed or double pane doors, low E glass, windows and wardrobe mirror doors, we furnish and install.  Focusing on creating superb shower enclosures, we are the Shower Doors Specialists of San Diego.    Working extremely clean, protecting the property of our customers is a priority with us. Cowering all working areas with drop clothes is the basic. Cleanliness and safety are our trademarks. We are striving to use the best quality materials,  provide superb service and perform above expectations. Responding fast, arriving on time, listening well to understand our customer’s goals and achieving them with the best materials available, the most efficient way. Always providing expert craftsmanship, attention to the smallest of details, to gain full customer satisfaction at reasonable prices. We are “Best Choice” because our full commitment and total dedication to you; esteemed San Diego County customer. Please Call:  619 239 1363