About us

doing glass work with vanGlass work

We have over 40 years of experience in the glass business. From 1970 to 1973 worked on Chicago high rises along the Lake Shore Drive. Worked the whole area up to Milwaukee doing residential and commercial glass and mirror work. In the San Diego area we did all kinds of glass work in the beginning, even auto glass. Now, we do some commercial glass  and residential flat glass work, with emphasis on the residential side. We have a 36 year old California Glass Contractor License in good standing. This means we may well be the longest licensed glass contractor in the area. We were expert witness in court in the glass trade, served thousands of customers. Best Choice Mirror & Glass is no longer advertising in the yellow pages. Our customers are often recommending us.  The internet, this website is the sole public advertisement we have, a brief showcase some of the work we’ve done. Our goal is to always do more than expected. Our every customer receive the best of our tested knowledge, our expert advice and our total dedication. We’ll always be deeply thankful for the opportunity to help, and your kindly referrals! We do prefer vans to trucks. The tools are all in there with all the materials  needed for the installations, except the glass. When we show up on a job, we have all the things necessary. This is the way to be economical. The savings are passed on to our customers.

clean glass work with drop cloth


Glass installation

We are religious about cleaning up after all and every job we do. We just feel good doing it. We do not believe in cutting corners. Customer satisfaction, even amazement, is our goal. The philosophy is: always to do more than expected. Glass work need to bee done this Way. A single peace of glass left on the job site can cause injury. Doing glass is a serious business, and require extra attention. 



protecting fllor while glass work

Careful glass work

We are extremely careful to protect all  properties on the job site. We use multiple drop clothes, and make sure, each are always clean and in good  condition. Extreme care is taken when moving our customer’s furniture and other objects in the working area. We take at least as good or better  care of the homes we are working on as we are taking care of our own.  We do vacuum all the carpeted areas after the completion of every job. Our glass mirrors are always left sparking clean. 





mirror glass fabrication on siteMirror glass fabrication

Custom mirrors walls of several intricate panels are best to cut and polish on the job site. Two or three men shall get a lot done. We are extremely efficient, and give prompt professional glass service.It is the easiest to save time when the mirror panels are fabricated right at the job. It is easier to double check the measurement and possible mistakes should be immediately corrected. Usually en extra sheet of  glass is taken to the site, just in case if a  mistake is made. This way we rarely have to go twice to an installation, saving time and money to the customer.

safe mirror glass installed with lifter


Glass work safety

It may not sound as an important matter, but it is actually crucial. For us always hard to believe,  what a small amount of mastic some workers in the industry are using to install glass mirrors, just in small spots,  few and far between.   Numerous times we are called upon to reset or reinstall glass mirrors that did come loose, or have even the glass fallen off from walls. On these occasions, we find that some installers are using a third or half  the quantity of the Mastic necessary to do the glass job correctly. Many workers, even journeyman,  are not heating up the mirror mastic at all, but applying it cold, smearing it in gobs on the wall with a stick.  Some fabricators  not even seal their mirrors edges at all , that we do every time without exceptions We know: cutting corners never pays in the long run. We have been in the glass business for 35 years. We are reaching our goals daily, monthly and  yearly by giving. Giving the best we are able and creating the greatest value we can. We always do. “We guarantee it!”