capped rails

glass rails around stairwayGlass rails

are often capped. If located indoors attractive wooden caps can be used.The mahogany rail caps on the glass rail section around the stairs are the same as the safety rails installed on both side of the stirs. The warmth of the dark stained noble wood is complementing well the atmosphere of the pleasant, relaxed feeling in the whole dining section. The stairwell rail grabs are of the same material and style with the wooden caps on the top of the glass rails. This is one of the several jobs we did for the US Navy.





glass rails in a Z formatWooden capped glass rails

 This is installed around the raised area of a wellness center area of a huge apartment building. The glass rail are maid of 1/2″ clear tempered safety glass. Into the bottom side the wooden caps “U” channels are installed  made of aluminum. These are fastened into a groove made there, and glued to the top of the glass rails. It wasn’t simple to do the connection of this with the raising section of the rail coming along the stairs leading up to the platform, but we did solve this problem too. For this glass rails we installed special steel anchors to the aluminum alloy shoes for special strength and durability.




curved glass railsCurved glass rails

It was am challenging job to measure the perfect radius for the curved area made of 1/2″ clear laminated safety glass rails. No company is capable of making this glass  unit in the neighborhood. We got it  from “Green Laminated” Company  located in the Long Beach area. The picking up the curved glass rails and the installation of it was a bit more exiting than we bargained for, but all turned out well at the end and the customer and us both were happy with these glass rails.