full view

curving glass wall

Glass walls

are a pretty way of dividing space. Glass walls are a specially attractive elements of a garden, adding a touch of elegance. If you have a great view from your house  to the garden, to  the pool or you been lucky enough to have an ocean near the backyard, glass walls are not hiding the view. This is  offered by full view setup. These glass walls are not having caps, and thus every body really enjoys the view.These glass walls are made of 1/2″ thick safety glass installed into heavy aluminum channels made a special alloy exhibiting extreme strength and durability. The long curving line of the glass wall is followed with short straight sections of glass panels.

glass walls straight

Glass walls straight line

We have other examples for gracious glass walls on the Bay. This 1/2″ clear glass walls system is cemented directly into extremely strong aluminum shoe that is bolted down securely and made of a special alloy. This base element is sitting on a concrete wall about a foot and a half high. These glass walls serve as a wind breaker to the occasional cold winds from the Bay. The glass walls are looking good from the yard side as well as from the outside. The gate on this divider has a full handle on both side and can be securely locked. We had several complements on this one.


doble glass wallsGlass walls on a balcony


 This house has large amount of  glass. It is a lots of light and space inside. A rusting metal rail has been replaced with the new and attractive glass walls. The look and the feel of the building changed for the better. The owner is a great designer of the changes and now enjoying the results tremendously.



long glass wall with doorGlass walls all over

in Coronado bay. A neighbor seen the new glass fence next door and decided to have an other installed for him  just the same. The two properties look really good from the bay side next to each other with the same beautiful glass walls. This property also has a swimming pool to be protected from the occasional cold breezes coming from the open bay.



glass wall around stair well

Glass walls inside

 the home. This 1/2″ clear glass rail is a guard-rail  around an opening made in the floor during a full remodeling, for the occupant to go downstairs directly from this living-room above. This is a bit unusual and the shape of the glass walls system is somewhat out of the ordinary as well. The aluminum alloy shoes are holding the glass panels and  are covered with stainless steal cladding on both sides. By the time the whole job finished this railing appeared to fit well into the environment by hardly appearing at all, yet protecting the occupant from falling  into the glass walls protected stair case. The house was remodeled for sale. It sold fast and for a considerably high price.



glass wall surounded balconyGlass walls for superb view

!/2″ safety glass walls installed into special alloy aluminum shoes. Nothing disturb the panoramic picture and if the weather is clear, the Pacific Ocean is well visible all the way to the Coronado islands. The terrace is huge. Excellent place for a party for many guests…




curved glass wall on the oceanGlass walls on the Pacific


This is the long Ocean rail from an other angel. It is stretching along the shore with curves of three great radii.  I does look great from either angels…