gym mirrors

custom mirrorsCustom mirrors for exercise

It is difficult to imagine a gym now days without large surfaces of custom mirrors. Observing and controlling our bodies; posture, movement and symmetry correction be almost impossible without the reflection on well installed good quality 1/4″ clear custom mirrors. Gym owners, CEO-s and establishment managers are well aware of this and are often mirroring entire walls from the floor to the ceiling.It is almost never  necessary to put custom mirrors the full height of the gym wall. We usually do gym custom mirrors 18″ from the floor and about 5-6 feet the actual high of the mirror itself. This is working out well for a perfect workout. The quality of the installation and the proper lining of the custom mirrors for unbroken reflection is important.





Excellent custom mirrors

After mirroring many gyms in many cities we know, it is not necessary to put custom mirrors on the entire wall. The same result is achieved and substantial amount of money is saved by mirroring just a smaller portion of the walls, in the right way. The 1/4″ clear polished custom mirrors are held up with a chrome “J” channel along the bottom. As opposed to some shady installers who use little mirror mastic to secure the custom mirrors to the walls, we always use plenty. Some installers just smear a bit of the mastic on the wall with a stick. That is not the way to go. We always use electrically  heated applicator. The result is a safe, secure installation.




mirrors on thre walls in gymMirrors rules

This design created an uncommon effect. The visitors of this wellness club  always be totally aware of their body movement on either of the walls reflecting and from many different angle. To increase body awareness is a major of  goal of any mirroring in the gyms. We routinely offer quantity discounts on installation of large amount of mirrors.




many walls are mirrored

Mirrors in Family Gym


This is the “Family Gym” we mirrored. All the walls are covered with  1/4″ clear polished mirrors. It took four man to move the extremely large mirror panels for covering the end of the exercise hall up the long stairs leading up to the place. We put mirrors on separate sections along the windows too. This is one of several locations operated by this well managed and greatly equipped company. All good gym owners and operators are like us: they believe in mirrors doing a great job.