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round glass table tops

Table tops

 are the carriers of the union of beauty and hygiene in the home. Lots of kitchen tables are covered with 1/4″ clear glass table tops. These glass table tops are simple to clean,  contributing to the feeling of general cleanliness in the home. It is a pleasant feeling to eat or work on neat glass table top surfaces. The circular raised center peace of this table tops is movable. It  turns around to make convenient for each person around the table to help themselves from the various dishes placed on  the server unit. No more reaching across the table or “please pass” me this or that…If the serving middle table tops circle is made of tempered safety glass even hot dishes are safe to put on them. This is recommended, it well worth the extra money spent on glass table tops


oval glass tabl tops Oval table tops

We all see how inviting shiny clean glass table tops are. The ease of cleaning these racetrack shaped and other table tops by itself worth the expense providing it for the modern and healthy kitchen. The time saved by the fast and efficient upkeep of the smooth glass surface is added up guarantees the table tops like this are paying for themselves in a short time. The general hygiene of glass table tops will help to keep the whole family healthy.



table tops for cofeeCafe table tops 

often made entirely of glass. The supporting heavy glass elements are held together with 90 degree metal clamps. These all-glass tables are modern element to adore any living room. The thickness of the glass elements is 1/2″. This heavy glass is the assurance of the general strength and stability of these tables. The table tops are often beveled glass. This has 1″ bevel on all four sides.This design was extremely popular just a couple of decades ago, but still gives an elegant touch to any living room.


combined shape table tops

Table tops combined

This is a rectangular dining table with two table tops. The upper round one can be turned to help enhance the dining experience with the convenience of reach. Both the rectangular bottom peace  and the circular top part are  polished 1/4″ clear glass table tops. If the glass is not tempered safety glass, never put a hot dish off the stove directly on it. The rapid expanding of the material will crack it. It is always recommended to put something under a hot dish or use tempered glass for the table  tops. In general practice however, with proper care and attention, regular annealed float (not tempered) the glass table tops last dozens of years…



Table tops pattern cut

Pattern cut table tops


This is an example of curved dining room glass table tops. These table tops are usually made of 1/4″ clear, polished glass.  It takes great skill to create the curves to exactly fit the often intricate line of fancy handmade table designs. Many of the glass shops asks the customer to make a glass pattern on paper or  have someone to go out to the job-site to do just that. After the table tops made in the shop it is delivered to the job site. We do this a bit differently. We take a glass big enough to fully cover the table and draw the pattern directly on the glass. We  hand cut and hand polish  these table tops on the location, and after carefully cleaning it we place it on the wooden dining table.