home mirrors

large wall mirrors in dining room

Wall mirrors beveled

It is a great thing to have some wall mirrors in a home! The sensation of more space and the ability to constantly being aware of one’s posture and look is a good  way to develop self awareness and increase the control the way of body movement.The feeling of space increased by having wall mirrors is contributing to the general well being too. Many designers use wall mirrors for this purpose, or for bringing in more light and the view of  the reflection of outside scenery to a room.



wall mirrors with glass shelves

Wall mirrors with shelves

Wall mirrors are a desired addition to your home interior . Here are custom made curved glass shelves inserted in between wall mirrors for a bar area. The shelves are there to support bottles and drinking glasses, giving more elegance and beauty to the home. These wall mirrors for bars are often a pleasant and beautiful elements, contributing  to the entertainment in a home. Visiting the “bar” area does often relax and rest the mind and body after a difficult day at work. Of course it is not necessary for the bar to contain alcoholic beverages…but if it does, self reflection  in the wall mirrors can help in “keeping balance”.

TV with wall mirrors

Wall mirrors with TV

There are at times, unusual ideas in wall mirroring. A  customer wanted a huge beveled mirror the center of which he installed his great new TV. We enjoy doing wall mirrors, but it was a challenge to make a 2’x3′ hole in the middle of a 7’x8′ beveled mirror and installing it in the bay side home good distance from the nearest parking area. We thought the idea as pretty strange, but after it was done, everyone gave kudos to the new look of the living room. Wall mirrors are looking great in any room.

wasll mirrors on ceiling

Wall mirrors on ceiling

It demands good thinking and often great effort from the workman when large wall mirrors  to be installed on a ceiling. Here we have to make absolutely sure, the mirror is a “category II” “safety” mirror and will stay securely up there even if it brakes for some unexpected reason. The heavy white wooden frame also contribute a great deal to the safety factor for this kind of wall mirrors.The large 7′ x 8′  , 1/4” safety mirror took five workers to secure to the ceiling. This mirror is actually larger than the bed under it. On a similar flower shaped ceiling installation the whole circumference of the mirror got a  decorative fabric design all around it. Wall mirrors can be attractive in the most unusual places


framed wall mirrors

Framed wall mirrors

Large and decorative framed wall mirrors are truly attractive.It is often a shocking discovery that a really decorative heavy frame made of some expensive wood with an intricate design and finish does cost substantially more than wall mirrors without a frame.With polished edge and simple shaped wall mirrors the reflection  often  achieved just as well, sometimes even better, saving a large amount of money on the project. Naturally some designers are insisting on the frame for the wall mirrors, and usually things are done in their ways.

wall mirror in home gym

Wall mirrors in home gym

We install simple but fair size wall mirrors with a bar across in a cozy and efficient home gym. Complete with audio and video this is really a perfect place to nimble up and exercise. We installed two round wooden plugs in the hole through which the bar is installed over the wall mirrors. This way the bar withstand a large amount of push and pull even serious kicking. Great advantage of the home gym, the saving  tremendous amount of time by not having to drive to and fro  visiting an outside location for exercise. Of course the membership dues are saved as well. As we always say “wall mirrors are super”!

wall mirrors in dining room

Dining wall mirrors

Elegant dining room is mirrored with excellent 1/4″ polished wall mirrors. The reflecting surface is well complimenting the elaborate ceiling, the ornamental chandelier, the antique furniture and at the same time adding depth and the feeling of doubled space to this beautiful dining room. Notice the workmanship: the reflection is never broken, but perfectly lining up across all the lines where the polished wall mirrors edges are touching. This is the hallmark of well though out and precisely executed wall mirrors work. The superb environment contributes a great deal to a memorable party with an exceptional dining experience…


reflection of many wall mirrors

Great wall mirrors design

A superb design by a long time customer of ours is seen here reflecting from several of the walls of this uncommon and greatly enhanced living room. A bold and a bit extravagant combination of 14 various size and shape of polished wall mirrors panels are creating this special effect of extraordinary depth and space. A good deal of thinking ahead and mirroring experience is necessary to undertake a complex and many sided wall mirrors installation  as this. It took us about sixty working hours to complete this work and some foresight all along to do it economically. The picture represents about half of the total wall mirrors used (!)