mirror doors


bronze colored mirror doors

Wardrobe mirror doors

 substantially enhance any home. Installed  usually on the bedroom wardrobe opening, discretely and attractively  covering the shelves and the racks. The framed sliding mirror doors are able tom take a lot more of rough usage and beating. We always recommend such for the rooms of the young members of the family. The other advantage of the mirror doors, that framed ones lending themselves to be cut down, making it possible to fit non standard openings. These units are coming from 4′ wide all the way to 12′  with foot by foot increments. If the opening is not a standard size, it is necessary to cut down each panel of the mirror doors from the next larger size. This  saves  expenses, because the custom ordered units are costing a lot more. Mirror doors are covering almost all wardrobes in elegant homes.




 large wardrobe mirror doors

Large gold mirror doors

 In this home the great wide mirror doors are correcting for the extremely narrow corridor along the half length of the house. Without the mirror doors being there, the walkway feels closed in,  not comfortable at all. There is a thing with sliding mirror doors: it is important to keep the tracks clean. Clogged and dirty track are causing problems with these doors sliding easily. A little cleaning and up keeping goes a long way to preventing the rollers and the tracks from clogging in and rolling properly. The mirror doors covering an excessive area of the walls are also making space for storage behind them.




swinging hinged mirror doors

Hinged mirror doors


Here is a pair of hinged swinging mirror door with the reflection of the outside through the clear glass doors.If you wish to see all their wardrobe at once use swinging doors for the closets. In this room 1/4″ clear mirrors were installed on wooden hinged doors. The heavy mirrors give perfect reflection and create a feeling of “substance” when these doors are majestically swinging open.An other way to get result similar to this full opening of mirror doors by using folding mirror doors. These mirror doors are less fashionable in these days, but in the past we used to install mirrors on those as well. The mirrors used  were 1/8  because they are a lot lighter. In both cases safety “Category II” safety mirrors are to be used we have the equipment to properly certify those as well.



crome colored mirror doors

Mirror doors frame colors


This is a chrome  framed sliding wardrobe mirror door. There are several colors in which mirror doors are available. Probably this chrome framed sliding mirror doors gives the today user the most modern and pleasing look in a contemporary home. We are not interior designers, but we did work with many them and learned a lot along the way in the over 40 years we have been in this business. The chrome has a cool and clean look to it. Mirror doors in the past had a way to jump off the track. The modern mirror  doors are usually equipped with a better design of wheels  hooking into the track and  almost never jumping out of them.