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large glass top for conference room Conference glass top

On office desks or conference tables a glass top is frequently installed. It has a good support for writing and are convenient to maintain. It has been observed, conference-goers are not as careful in their work environment as in their homes. The laptops and tablets often used on conference tables sometimes cause damage if the instruments are pushed around in the midst of all important conversations or heated debates. Glass cover effectively protects the often expensive, highly polished surfaces. If cafe or other beverages being spilled, it may just be swiftly wiped off, make the spillage disappear in a few second.




glass top on desk

Glass top for desk

Office desks are often covered with a  glass top. The glass top is a solid and smooth surface. Glass top gives an excellent support for writing. An other advantage is that pictures, notes and tables (e.g.cheat sheets) etc. can be  placed handily under the glass top well visible and well protected. If anybody needs to eat lunch at the desk, no need to worry about possibly messing up. A simple wipe all it takes to clean a glass surface and it shines again.




glass top for home office desk Glass top for Home Office


An office in a home. The desk, the side cabinet and the book shelf are all covered with glass. All looking clean neat and inviting to work. It is trendy to work from home, and few things enhances the home office as shining glass top on the desk . In this office all the covers installed are nicely fitted 1/4″ clear glass top. Glass surfaces are neat and inviting. The owner of this home office ordered just one glass top first. When received, it pleased her so well, she ordered two more of the same kind by the way.