one glass panel

rounded shower glass

Shower glass rounded

 It is increasingly popular to have only one glass panel by the shower head attached to the wall permanently with metal clamps or “U” channel. These shower glass surfaces can also be hinged on the wall and swing in and out like a door, but not closing to anything but just having an open space where people can step into their shower or bathtub. These shower glass panels can be made of any thickness of glass between 1/4″  and 1/2″ in thickness.  In most cases we recommend the golden middle selection of 3/8″ glass.


shower glass panel to ceillingShower glass panel

The one glass panel is a real elegant and simple solution. It can be just a rectangular 3/8 thick tempered shower glass with no curve or radius at all on the top of the panel Sometimes the shower glass panels going up to the top are installed into metal channel or tied there with a clamp. In this situation because the strong lateral support with the well fastened metal channel we only caulked the top to the ceiling with clear silicone, supporting it but it is not visible. The single shower glass is a modern solution to the bathroom enclosure. only one shower glass panel is the simplest and an elegant way to go. 



shower glass can open

 Swinging shower glass panel


This is a shower glass panel on white bath tub which is surrounded with black marble. This shower glass panel is a bit unusual, hinged on the marble with metal hinges and actually functioning as a door. A door with no handle on it at all. It can  swing open allowing full access to the tub.  this can be of a good advantage at times, being able to reach in at any point for example doing laundry in them tub or bathing children. When the shower glass is in closed position it is able to prevent the shower water to be sprinkled out. Of course it is not waterproof, as most of the frame-less enclosure are not. Most of our customers have no problem wit a few drops of water being spilled, there are usually tile or marble floors and a bit of water can be wiped up.

curved shower glass

Curved shower glass

This is an other one shower glass panel with a curved vertical side.Here again 3/8 clear tempered safety shower glass been used in brushed nickel finished aluminum “U” channel. Observe how clean it looks along the side of the channel and how elegant the slight gentle curvature is on the polished side of the heavy shower glass. It might seem this type of shower glass installations cant protect against spilling water outside the tub, yet we did not hear any complains or request for modifications from any of the numerous customers who designed this one panel shower m glass into their bathrooms. They are happy with them. The looks are certainly contemporary.