window glass replacement with lifter

Glass replacement


We do broken glace replacement. Realty and management companies with multiple business have special discounts based on the frequency they call for glass replacement. Some times we have to use heavy equipment to be able or  to simplify doing glass replacement. These special tools are rented, we do not need them frequently, it does not  justify ownership. The utmost important guideline regarding the use of  use this equipment is the safety of the operation. It is important to barricade and guard the parameter where any mishap is possible around the working area. In this respect, absolutely no justification for relaxing our attention. The cardinal rule is: SAFETY FIRST!



pretty result of glass replacementAn elegant glass replacement

This older series of cabinets had wooden shelves and obscured glass. Our glass replacement consisted of changing those. We furnished and installed 3/8 clear glass shelves, changed the glass in the cabinet doors and the result is speaking for itself. The whole raw of the cabinets looks brand new. The shelves are all ready now to receive a great arrangement of the beautiful glasses and other objects for display. We call this an elegant glass replacement.



glass replacement of metal

Glass replacement of metal


The replacement of metal railing with attractive glass.  There have been metal rails installed around the balcony of this beautiful home. Is there a view  of the ocean, but the rails were thick and definitely obstructing it to a large measure. The owner decided to replace all the railing with glass to have full use of the  perfect view. The picture shows a stage of this glass replacement in progress. 1/2″ clear safety glass been used with short straight sections following the curvature of the terrace. Not just the view been helped, the glass replacement also served as a stopper of the occasional cold ocean breeze as well. Even in a colder and a bit windy day it is now pleasurable to spend the time  outside.




mirror glass replacement

Mirror glass replacement


Replacing all the mirrors in a barber shop. This was a relatively simple glass replacement job. It was pretty straight-forward to remove all the old mirrors and dump them. The new 1/4″ clear polished mirrors were there after placed precisely to the required locations. We helped remodeling this  popular barber shop. The picture is showing the elaborate cleaning of all the mirrors after the completed the glass replacement job.