sliding glass

sliding glass tub enclosure

Tub enclosure, bypass doors

One of the most common tub  enclosures are the “bypass” glass panels. Here both panel can slide next to each other hanging from a metal header and they together prevent any water to spill out when showering in a pan or a tub. The glass thickness for tub enclosure can be from 3/16″ to 3/8″. There are numerous colors of finishes available. This configuration can save the most space in a bathroom and in the 3/16″ variety this is one of the most economical way of having a shower area enclosed with glass panels. In this configuration a glass panel is added to the full five feet of the tub enclosure unit to make up to the wider space given in the width of the room

frame less bypass tub enclosure

Tub enclosure with Euro Header

This is a 1/4″ bypass tub enclosure with Euro header and drilled round towel bar. The finis is brushed nickel, one of the most popular and practical finishes. These are also among the most beautiful and best selling units. Easy, smooth gliding of the glass panels all along the channel of the upper track makes using this type of tub enclosure a joy. Superb quality materials and careful, well tested design make this bypass tub enclosure an excellent choice for any home. The relatively heavy 1/4″ sliding panels will last for a very long time. With the frame-less tub enclosure design  the best possible look can be achieved.


crome colored tub enclosure

Tub enclosure, Best Seller

The simplest and least expensive tub enclosure is still looking pretty good. They still can dress up a bathroom and give you full protection of spilling over any water onto the floor. We do install a lot of this kind of frame less sliding glass tub enclosure. Even though this glass panels are only 3/16″ thick, they can last a long time and also look really good to give the owner a lot of satisfaction.

tub enclosure with return panelTub enclosure with 90 degree return panel.

The sliders are made of 1/4″ frame-less glass . This configuration not asked for often. An advantage is the total waterproof quality of this tub enclosure, by default. Water poof shower enclosures are “few and far between” in this day and age. The heavy glass frame-less shower units are sealed by putting clear acrylic (plastic) strips on the edges of the door and the panels,  deducting from the clean gook of the glass. Many of our  customers are going for the good look and just live with a few spilled drops of water.


tub enclosure, bronze color

Bronze color tub enclosure

The bronze (oil robbed bronze) color of the frame complimenting the brown elements in the tile design, The width of this tub enclosure is well over six feet, necessitating a side panel element in line of the doors. The glass is 1/4″, drilled for the towel-bar. The header is the popular and elegant “Euro” type. Sliding glass is recommended when not enough space is available. Here was little space, even the picture has been difficult to take.